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About Tom Skarbek‑Wazynski

A designer & full stack developer with over 9 years experience. I enjoy working with a diverse range of clients to plan, design and develop, extraordinary brands, websites and apps.

A picture of Tom Skarbek-Wazynski he looks super professional and hireable!

I’m also a keen photographer, although I spend far too much time taking photos and not using them. However, I do give away what I do process royalty free on Unsplash.

An awesome shot of a pier in Vencie showing amazing composition skills. A church in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains in Norway. God would be proud of this shot!
The view from a hill of a beach near Sydney, it looks like it would be a nice place to swim, but wait, sharks!
A stormy day in Sorrento, Italy, best to go back inside and have another pizza. Some colourful houses on a misty hill in Bergen. Something that should be on a postcard!

Previously I was the lead innovation developer at Lancaster University, where I helped to start the Innovation Hub. Prior to that I was a design partner at Single Malt and a co-founder and lead developer of Porters Coffee.

I also enjoy a good whisky or classic Negroni.

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Now you know a bit about me, let's chat. If you have a project or an idea, please call me or drop me an email and I can get to know a bit about you.